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Brydie's Profile

After years of being told that her paintings would "Walk off the Walls" if she were to put them up for sale, Brydie Perkins-Brakels decided to take the plunge in 2012 to see if her works would be accepted. She had no idea how popular they were going to be. Her first showing saw ALL 12 of her paintings sold out in record time at the Toowoomba Grammar Art Show with art buyers and collectors left crying "For more".

When asked why she has now decided to enter the art world, Brydie said

"Itís like second nature to me. Itís a world that I have been involved with all my life. I just LOVE to paint. I have been in the studio since I was a baby. Mum would paint with me in a pouch in front of her. If I wasnít in the studio I was going to art galleries and exhibitions. The fact that painting can give me so much joy as well as so bring so much pleasure to others is a gift, Mum says itís a gift I should share with the world!

Following in the footsteps of her mother, Internationally Acclaimed artist "Kendall", Brydie's whimsical, eclectic, bold, gutsy, individualistic style shows a talent and maturity far beyond her seventeen years. Since March 2014, Brydie has been exhibiting her paintings in three Queensland galleries with her works selling as fast as she can paint them!

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